Saturday, August 24, 2013

RotB - Sets and set extension

For a lot of the backgrounds in Room on the Broom, we used miniature sets. Most of them were built by Klaus Morschheuser and Katja Moll and photographed by Daniel Möller
We used a similar techinque for The Gruffalo, but the sets for Room on the Broom were actually built in a much smaller scale. 

Of course the stage was still not big enough to create and shoot an the entire world, so only the main part of the set would be build. Afterwards the sets were taken apart, and a lot of separate elements were shot, which we used to extend the sets digitally. 

This are the pictures that were taken for this particular sequence within the woods.

This is the original footage for the establishing shot.

And this is the same footage with set extension.

Room on the Broom  © Orange Eyes Limited 2012    Produced by Magic Light Pictures